Wellness Videos

Living Healthy

Fitness: Running Helps Cope with Stress

Fitness: Activity Guidelines

Fitness: Wear a Helmet

Fitness: Yoga

Fitness: In the Swim of Things

Fitness: Healthy Swimming

Fitness: Never Too Old to Exercise

Fitness: Exercise Wall Pushups

Fitness: Exercise Toe Stand

Fitness: Exercise Stand on One Foot

Fitness: Exercise Side Leg Raise

Fitness: Exercise Shoulder and Arm Stretch

Fitness: Exercise Overhead Arm Raise

Fitness: Exercise Inner Thigh Stretch

Fitness: Exercise Heel-to-Toe Walk

Fitness: Exercise Balance Walk

Fitness: Exercise Hand Grip

Fitness: Exercise Back of Leg Stretch

Fitness: Exercise Back Leg Raise

Fitness: Exercise Chair Dip

Fitness: Exercise Success Story

Fitness: Walkable Communities

Kids Weight: The Greatest Action Movie Ever

Kids Weight: Changes Start in Preschool

Healthy Drink: What to Drink as You Get Older

Eating Out Safely

What is Foodborne Illness

Keeping Food Safe

Salt Matters

Obesity Epidemic

Obesity: Finding a Balance

Travel: Many Healthy Returns

Tobacco Cessation: Tips

Tobacco Cessation: Former Smoker Bill

Tobacco Cessation: Second Hand Smoke

Tobacco Cessation: Listen to Your Kids

Tobacco Cessation: Children Prevent Smoking

Tobacco Cessation: Know What Smoking Can Do

Tobacco Cessation: Secondhand Smoke

Tobacco Cessation: Score by Quitting

Tobacco Cessation: Beatrice’s Story

Tobacco Cessation: Jamason Story

Tobacco Cessation: James Story

Tobacco Cessation: Jessica’s Story

Tobacco Cessation: Suzy’s Story

Tobacco Cessation: Sharon’s Story

Tobacco Cessation: Destiny

Tobacco Cessation: Roosevelt’s Story

Smoking Ages 13-17

Smoking Ages 18-25

Smoking and Diabetes, Bill’s Story

Smoking and COPD, Michael’s Story

Financial Wellness

Power of Attorney

Have a Half Birthday

Monkey Money Mangers

Money-logues: Hunting Bison


Kid Roth

A Little Help from Oz

Investments: Adopt Your Orphans

Investments: Have a Cash Stash

Investments: Benefits

Investments: Basics of Basis

Investments: Excess Cash

Investments: Investment Policy

Investments: Money Dashboard

Estate Planning: Protect the Kids

Estate Planning: Cosmic Financial Power

Estate Planning: Death & Taxes

Estate Planning: Check the Guardians

Estate Planning: Testamentary Letter

Estate Planning: Good Deeds

Estate Planning: Fund Your Trust

Estate Planning: Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Get the Right People

Debt & Taxes: Clean Your Garage, Get a Write-Off

Debt & Taxes: Efficiently Manage Debt

Debt & Taxes: Good Debts & Bad Debts

Debt & Taxes: Know About Your Debts

Debt & Taxes: Charity Starts at Home

Debt & Taxes: Check My FICO

Debt & Taxes: Correct Withholdings

Debt & Taxes: Roth IRA

Debt & Taxes: Roth Conversions

Debt & Taxes: Maximize Employee Retirement

Risk Management: Get a Physical

Risk Management: Riders

Risk Management: Replace It

Risk Management: Disability Insurance

Risk Management: Check Your Coverage

Risk Management: Care Plan

Risk Management: The Home Selfie

Risk Management: Long Term Care

Getting Organized: Protecting Your Wallet

Getting Organized: Family Emergency Plan

Getting Organized: Financial Literacy

Getting Organized: Have a Budget

Getting Organized: Protect Your Papers

Getting Organized: Payment Auto-Pilot

Health Conditions

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Alzheimer’s Disease, A Doctor with a Strong Family History

Alzheimer’s Disease: Biomarkers

Alzheimer’s Disease: Unraveling the Mystery

Living with Asthma

Arthritis Reliever

Taking Blood Thinners

Blood Thinners: Staying Active and Healthy

Cancer in the Family



Colon Cancer: No Excuses

Colon Cancer: This is Personal

Concussion Keeping You Out of the Game

Concussion: Are You a Soccer Parent

Dental Care

Diabetes: A Change for Life

Diabetes: Our Culture Are Our Source of Health

Diabetic Eye Disease

Dilated Eye Exam

Dry Eye


Experience with Depression

Epilepsy Support for Parents of Teens

Caring for Women with Gestational Diabetes

Flu Symptoms

Flu Stories

Gynecologic Cancer Warning Signs

Gynecologic Cancer: Be Brave

Gynecologic Cancer: Survivor Story

Gynecologic Cancer: I Had

Gynecologic Cancer: A Womens Experience

H1N1 Symptoms

Heart Attack Warning Symptoms

Heart Attack: Know Your Risk Factors

Heart Attack: Andrea’s Story

Heart Attack: Gail’s Story

Heart Attack: José’s Story

Heat: Staying Cool

Hepatitis C

High Blood Pressure Basics

Treating High Blood Pressure

Getting Blood Pressure Under Control

Blood Pressure Teaming Up with Patients

Genital Herpes: What You Need to Know


Gonorrhea: What You Need to Know

Living with Low Vision

Lyme Disease Story

Healthy Mouth for Your Baby

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Pregnancy Preconception Health

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Baby

Teen Pregnancy

Prevention is Key to a Healthy Life

Prostate Cancer

Salmonella Outbreak

What is Shingles?

Sickle Cell Disease

Stop HIV: Jamar’s Story

Stop HIV: Kelly’s Story

Stop HIV Together


Swimming Helps Control My Blood Pressure

West Nile Virus

Working Toward a Healthier Planet

Clean Hands Help Prevent the Flu

Wash Your Hands

Put Your Hands Together

Mental, Social & Family Health


Alcohol Syndrome

What is Autism

Baby Steps. Learn the Signs, Act Early.

Caring for a Loved One

Gambling Addiction

Teenagers: Drive Safe

Teen Drivers: Parents are the Key to Safety

Traumatic Events

Violence Break the Silence

Prepare Your Home for an Emergency

Safe Home

Carbon Monoxide

Evacuating the Area of a Hurricane

Electrical Safety During a Hurricane

Tornado Preparedness

Preventing Mold After a Disaster

Keeping Children Safe from Drowning in Flooded Areas

Wise Healthcare

Anthrax and Antibiotics

No Antibiotics Please

Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

Bring a Health Advocate to Your Appointment

Early Detection is Your Best Defense

Emergency Room: Keep Track of Your Medicine

Hand Hygiene Saves Lives

Health Tips for the Whole Family

Healthcare: Start the Conversion

Vaccines, Protecting Babies

Kids Vaccinations

Family History: Cherokee Community

Flu: Everyone Needs a Vaccine

Immunization Baby Book

HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

Newly Diagnosed

Take Charge of Your Health

Talk with Your Family, Talk with Your Doctor

Tips for Going Home from the Hospital

Ask Questions about Medicines

Consider Other Medications

Tips for Taking Medicines Safely

Play it Safe with Your Medication

Safety Check Your Medication

You Have to Ask Questions

You’re in Charge of Your Health Care

Asking Questions Empowers Patients

Asking Questions Before Surgery

Asking Questions About the Care You Need

Asking Questions About Medical Tests

Ask Questions: Start the Conversation

Always Ask Questions

Questions… Dying Not Acceptable

Questions for Better Care

List of Questions

Committed to Asking Questions

Waiting Room Questions

Bring List of Questions for Your Doctor

Urge Patients to Ask Questions

Where Medical Errors Occur and How to Avoid Them


Zap the Excuse Traps

Your Heart, Your Art

Go with the Flow

What's Up, Doc?

Attack of the Tartar Troll

A Kit to Help You Quit

The Imagination Vacation

Hand Hygiene Hints

Feeling Blue, Seeing Red

Fast Food Fix

Danger Detector

Energy Elixir

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