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Eye Irritations & Injuries

As you age, your eyes can get irritated more easily because they make less tears. Poorer vision increases the risk for eye injuries.

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Medical Care

You feel burning, dryness, itching, and/or pain and swelling in one or both eyes.

Image of irritated eye.

For Eye Irritation:

Causes include particles in the eye; too much sun exposure, low humidity; strong wind; and scratches from contact lenses. Other causes are allergies, infections, and conditions that make your eyes dry.

For Eye Injuries:

Causes include a physical blow to the eye; harsh chemicals; and a foreign body that is stuck in the eye.


Mild eye irritations and injuries can be treated with self-care. More serious problems need medical care.

Image of women with eye patch.
Image of women wearing safety glasses.

•  Wear safety glasses for activities that expose your eyes to sawdust, etc.

•  When using harsh chemicals, wear rubber gloves and protective glasses. Don’t rub your eyes if you’ve touched harsh chemicals. Turn your head away from chemical vapors.

•  To help prevent dry eyes, use a humidifier and limit exposure to smoke, dust, and wind. Avoid alcohol.

•  Use artificial tear drops with your doctor’s okay.

•  Don’t stare directly at the sun, especially during a solar eclipse.

•  Wear sunglasses that block UV rays.

•  Don’t use eye makeup when an allergy or chemical irritant bothers your eye(s).

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