6 benefits of drinking water

Your body needs water for nearly every function. But, many people aren’t getting enough. While fluids from other drinks and even some foods can help hydrate you, drinking plain water has some advantages. It’s calorie-free, doesn’t cause cavities and doesn’t cost anything. Start filling up a reusable water bottle today and take advantage of these water perks:


Headache prevention: Dehydration can cause a severe headache. If you drink water throughout the day, you can avoid this.


Better workout: Water is needed for proper energy levels and muscle function. Drink enough before and after workouts to avoid dehydration and sluggishness.


Joint pain relief: Dehydration can cause achy bones and joints. Water is needed to keep joints lubricated and healthy.


Healthier skin: Staying hydrated helps your skin stay hydrated, too. This can make skin feel healthier.


Healthy weight: Drinking water instead of soda or sugary drinks can save you hundreds of extra calories and help get to, or stay at, a healthy weight.


Healthier kidneys and bladder: Drinking enough water helps prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections.


Talk with your doctor about how much water you should drink each day. People with end stage kidney disease, heart failure or certain other conditions may need to limit their fluids.


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