9 easy ways to manage stress

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Don’t let stress take over your day! Try to do one (or a few!) of these things to start feeling better:


1.  Connect with friends: Meeting up with other people can help reduce symptoms of stress and increase feelings of happiness.

2.  Meditation: Meditation, such as mindfulness, is a proven way to help reduce stress.

3.  Deep breathing: Slow, deep breaths can calm the body’s stress response and help you relax.

4.  Playing with pet: Walking the dog or petting an animal companion may calm you.

5.  Yoga: Practicing yoga can help the body relax. Try doing yoga videos at home or attending a local class.

6.  Listen to music: Music helps the body cope with stress. Listen to music that makes you feel happy or relaxed.

7.  Read a book: Escape to another world and take your mind off the day with a favorite book.

8.  Exercise: Regular exercise has many benefits, including improving your mental health and stress management.

9.  Massage: A massage not only feels good, but it can help reduce stress and muscle tension.


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