Fun, fast indoor workouts

When the winter months hit, it can be difficult to get outside to exercise. Snow, ice, wind, and rain can put a damper on your regular walk around the neighborhoods.


But regular exercise cuts your risk for heart disease, diabetes, depression, and even some cancers, according to the CDC. So don’t cut your workout routine when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Bring the workout into your home with these tips:

1.  Just dance. Not only is it fun, but you can burn a lot of calories and customize it to work for you. Turn on your favorite tunes and start moving. For maximum benefit, do a 5-minute warm-up, 20-30 minutes of active dancing, and a 5-minute cool down. If you can’t do that much to start, just try a few minutes and add more time each week as you are able.

2.  March or jump. If dancing isn’t for you, marching around the house, or even just in your living room, can provide great benefits. Mix it up every few minutes by doing a few jumping jacks. You can also “pretend” you’re jumping rope by doing the motions without a rope. Watch videos that guide you through indoor walking or other aerobic activities.

3.  Strength training. You don’t need fancy weight machines or equipment. Use a resistance band to strengthen your arms and legs. Try simple exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups. Take care to do them correctly. If you have an injury or health condition that restricts movement, talk with your doctor about exercises that are right for you.


With a little creativity, you can have your own body-and-mind-boosting workout in the comfort of your home – no matter what the weather.

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